☙ Vendors

☙ Terms & Conditions

The following is intended to provide a healthy, safe, and cooperative environment. Please read before applying. Sign-ups are at the bottom of this page.

Hours of Operation (selected dates, April- October):
Hours: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Vendor Setup: 9:00 AM
Vendor Breakdown: 6:30 - 7:00 PM

☙ Vendors must sign-in prior to being assigned their space. We reserve the right to fill any unoccupied spaces after 10:30 AM if notice of late arrival has not been received.

☙ All spaces must be paid for prior to setting up.

☙ The following items are prohibited from being sold or brought to any Community Special Event Day: counterfeit merchandise, illegal drugs and other related paraphernalia.

☙ All Vendors must bring their own tables, chairs and tents.

NO TENTS ON THE SIDEWALKS. Displays on sidewalk must be along the wall and property line, and not protrude more than 4 feet into the sidewalk area. The sidewalk must be free of any obstruction.

☙ You can have tents and canopies inside one of our parking lot areas, and those spaces are generally larger than stated above. Umbrellas for shade are ok anywhere!

☙ All general merchandise vendors must have a NY State Department of Taxation and Finance ID number (also known as a certificate of authority), and must have this ID number available at all times when selling goods on the premises. (Vendors can call 1-800-698-2909 and ask for form DTF-17; you can apply on-line at no cost at nys-opal.com.)

☙ Food vendors are responsible for obtaining any and all necessary permits, licenses, and insurance. This includes a Food Handler's Certificate (or a Food Protection Certificate) from the NYC Department of Health. Food vendors must show a copy of their Food Certificate before their first day of operating at the Fulton Flea. (Food vendors can call 1-212-487-4104 for more information). Food vendors will need to have their Food Handler's certificate available at all times when selling at the Fulton Flea.

NO propane fuel or open flames will be allowed.

☙ If you have pre-cooked food, one standard 20 lb. fire extinguisher is also needed.

☙ There will not be any electrical outlets or running water available.

☙ For the safety of all vendors and patrons, no vehicles are allowed on the premises during the stated hours.

☙ Vendors are required to clean up their spaces at the close of each day. All garbage, including papers and boxes, should be taken with each vendor upon departure from the premises.

☙ Vendor conduct and behavior is expected to be courteous and respectful of others. No profanity! We reserve the right to remove vendors from the premises for inappropriate behavior.

☙ The Fulton Flea and Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center assumes no responsibility for any physical loss or damage at any time to the physical property of any vendor.

☙ All vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance for their own business. All vendors agree to hold harmless the Fulton Flea, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center and its licensees from any liability which may occur while on the premises.

☙ Each vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Fulton Flea, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center and its licensees from any loss, cost or expense of any sort or nature, including attorney fees and costs, and will indemnify and hold the Fulton Flea, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center and its licensees harmless for any liability to any person on account of any damage to persons or property resulting in or occurring by reason of the use and occupancy of a space by a vendor, or the failure of a vendor to comply in any respect with or to perform any of the requirements and provisions of the terms and conditions as stated on this page, which constitutes the agreement to vend at the Fulton Flea and to be on the premises of the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center.

☙ Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will result in termination of any agreement and all rights to participate at the Fulton Flea will be forfeited.

☙ Notwithstanding the foregoing, this agreement may be terminated at the sole discretion of the Fulton Flea, Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center and its licensees for any reason immediately upon written or verbal notice to any and all vendors.

☙ Vendor Sign-Ups

We have a 2-step process for you to sign-up as a vendor:

1) E-mail us at info@fultonflea.com or call 917-364-5648. Tell us what you offer and the dates that you want to participate.

2) We will respond to all requests. Use the PayPal buttons below to make a payment. Contact us if you'd like to make other arrangements.

$75 for a 4x8 ft space:
$45 for a 4x4 ft space: